Mindful Fitness

Mind-Body Principles and Physical Activity

A Harmonious Path to Optimize Well-Being through Balance

Mindful Fitness is both authority on and creator of innovative programs that inspire people to begin and maintain lifestyle changes that improve overall health, endurance and strength. Mindful Fitness owes its steady growth and popularity to its pacesetting approaches that engage both mind and body to enhance emotional, mental and physical awareness. Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice also found in Native American wisdom and in the works by Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman.

Paying attention to the present moment without judgment or attachment allows you to live in the moment and awaken to experience. It nurtures clarity and enhances growth and transformation in all aspects of life, including health and fitness. Mindful movement, such as the ancient practices of yoga and tai chi, is a physical activity that’s performed with inward focus. All Mindful Fitness services integrate this essential principle along with breath control, imagery, affirmation and meditation to help calm the body and promote well-being. Since being in nature heightens moment-to-moment awareness and feelings of awe and vitality, Mindful Fitness programs take advantage of San Diego’s vast variety of beautiful outdoor settings. Taking these practices outdoors allows for joy, appreciation, and gratitude, as well as emotional fulfillment.

Since 1994, Mindful Fitness has led the field in incorporating principles of mindfulness into traditional fitness training, including agility, balance, flexibility, and strength. Mindful Fitness offers yoga classes grounded in the basics of Iyengar yoga as well. All Mindful Fitness clients benefit from fitness assessment, basic nutrition advice, goal setting, training, and progress evaluation. Through both group classes and individualized instruction, Mindful Fitness has helped thousands of clients succeed in reaching their health and fitness goals.

In 2009, the San Diego-based company introduced a compact disc audio recording, titled Path to Tranquility, allowing individuals to integrate the safe and effective Mindful Fitness strategies into their health and fitness programs at home or on the road.

Beginning in 2013, day and weekend retreats combining mindful movement and meditation were offered in beautiful and serene locations. 2014 celebrates the 20th anniversary of Mindful Fitness and the company is expanding its focus into the touring industry. The first exploration will be in one of the most beautiful cities in America – San Francisco. And later in the year, Paris, the city of love and light. It will be an exciting year! Read what Mindful Fitness clients say about the services.»