Mindful Fitness

Mindful Fitness

The San Diego-Based Leader of Mind-Body Programs

Influenced by yoga and convinced by the positive results of mind-body practices measured and documented while completing research for her master’s degree in exercise physiology, Lisa Hampton introduced her cutting-edge hybrid of mindfulness practices and physical fitness techniques to San Diego in 1994. As the principal owner of Mindful Fitness, Lisa has personally trained, led in classes, or counseled thousands of San Diegans. Click here to learn more about Lisa’s background.»

Mindful Fitness offers individual and group fitness programs that integrate and synergize meditation and visualization with purposeful physical exercise to promote agility, balance, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and strength. Mindful Fitness delivers significant value for health and well-being dollars. All of the following are Mindful Fitness offerings:

  • fitness training for individuals, partners, and groups
  • fitness instruction for seminars and workshops
  • fitness lectures
  • meditation instruction
  • relaxation therapies instruction
  • yoga instruction for individuals, partners, and groups
  • day and weekend retreats
  • inspired tours
  • weeklong yoga & mindfulness retreats in Europe

The list of those who can benefit from mindful fitness practices is almost without limit. In addition to the broad range of clients served in the list above, Mindful Fitness contracted for 9 years with Puente de Vida, a La Jolla residential treatment center for people working to overcome eating disorders. And for over 21 years, Mindful Fitness has provided lunch-time group yoga classes to a diverse group of attorneys, federal and state judges and others in the legal community.

Mindful Fitness programs help clients surpass traditional fitness training results and experience greater insight and awareness. Mindful Fitness programs address flexibility, focus, strength-building, anxiety and stress reduction, and weight loss.
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