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Mindful, Inspired, Heartfelt
A Joyous Exploration


“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Inspiration. The word comes from the Latin word ‘inspirata’ which means ‘divinely breathed into.’ Moments of awe that touch our heart and soul are what we seek to experience in our travels. Inspired Tours are created with a mindful approach and thoughtful planning so that your travel adventure is enjoyable, memorable and fun.

Mindful Fitness and Inspired Tours
The philosophy of being present and in the moment is the essence of Mindful Fitness when it comes to physical activity. This results in a more authentic, purposeful and safe experience. The energy of mindfulness is used to shift our perspective, soften our expectations and enrich the process. It’s all about the journey!

As the founder of Mindful Fitness, Lisa Hampton is a teacher at heart and enjoys sharing her knowledge of yoga, fitness and mindfulness with her students. With a passion for travel and a spirit of adventure, Lisa expands her services to include Inspired Tours. Sharing her wisdom and insight of beloved places like San Francisco and Paris, tours are offered at a relaxed and mindful pace while choosing unique and heartfelt experiences. Tours are sprinkled with mindful movement such as gentle yoga stretches to counteract the effects of traveling and promote ease and well-being.

Benefits of Taking An Inspired Tour

  • Less planning, more fun
  • Small group of like-minded travelers
  • Unique experiences
  • Daily meditation to set intentions
  • Guided mindful movement
  • Local and experienced tour guides
  • Comfort and luxury emphasized
  • Leisure time to wander and relax

Inspired Tours are designed for active individuals who enjoy places of great natural beauty and appreciate authentic local culture, art, history, and cuisine. Travel in ease knowing that all the details have been handled which gives you more time to explore, discover, rest and unwind. Inspired Tours offer the perfect balance between planned activities and ‘follow your heart’ free time. Whether sharing experiences with our small group or engaging in a solitary adventure, we allow room for serendipity. “Unless you leave room for serendipity….how can the Divine enter?” – Joseph Campbell

San Francisco and Paris have some of the most recognizable sites in the world and their beauty and awesomeness can take your breath away. Perhaps more memorable though is the energy and charm of the city – its neighborhoods, cafes, architecture, gardens and more. And when you are relaxed and present, the most divine and magical moments happen.

Bon Voyage!