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J’Adore Paris

The Most Magical City in The World

Paris“America is my country and Paris is my hometown.” ― Gertrude Stein

There’s just something about Paris. Of course there are other beautiful and interesting cities throughout Europe but one takes pause here in the city of light…the city of love. Does it really seem fair for one city to have so much? From the grand boulevards, historic architecture, and charming bridges over the river Seine to the clandestine cafes on ancient cobblestone streets and all of the museums, gardens, parks in between, Paris takes your breath away. And yet, for some, it strangely feels like home.

One truly needs to spend time here, lots of time to absorb this elegant and timeless city. Otherwise, it is easy to become overwhelmed, overstimulated and overdone! Although few have the luxury of spending weeks or months here, it is not impossible to capture the essence of Paris in a shorter time. In addition to wise choices, thoughtful planning and extensive research, the secret lies in the power of mindfulness.

Mindful Travel
Paying attention to the present moment without judgment and with an open-hearted curiosity, mindful energy can transform the way you experience travel. Moments when you are relaxed and engaged with all of your senses can be the most memorable. Strolling in a soft rain, smelling the aroma of fresh baked croissants from the boulangerie, tasting exquisite chocolate, viewing a magnificent piece of art, listening to a church concert, making friends with a local resident are all sensory experiences that are to be enjoyed to the fullest!

The Tour
The beauty of a small group tour with Mindful Fitness is that your enjoyment and comfort is priority without the worry of details. The pace is leisurely and the focus is mindful and heartful. Led by Lisa Hampton, her intention is that your time is spent discovering, experiencing and absorbing the magic of Paris! 

The luxurious Hotel Saint-Jacques is located in the historic Latin Quarter near the Sorbonne University, minutes from the Seine and Notre Dame, the elegant Île Saint-Louis and the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens. Or you may choose to stay in an apartment in the same area and experience life as a true Parisian!

Joining together most mornings, we’ll begin our day at the French Gothic masterpiece Notre Dame for meditation or mindful movement in the charming parc behind the cathedral. Yes, meditation inside one of the most exquisite cathedrals in the world! Through these practices, we’ll set our intention for the day to allow for ease, joy and serendipity.

We’ll visit the fantastical familiar sites like La Tour Eiffel and Sacre Coeur and the famous cafes where Hemingway and Sartre whiled away their days. We’ll also explore lesser known gems such as Place Dauphine, one of the prettiest squares in Paris and visit an ancient secret passage – Cour de Rohan, a series of 3 courtyards from the 15th century.

Whether day-tripping to visit Marie Antoinette’s Estate at Versailles, taking a cooking class or wandering the neighborhood of Montmartre, our days will be a combination of seeing the remarkable sites to more intimate experiences. Standing in front of the Mona Lisa may be a moment to remember but so will sipping a hot chocolate at Angelina’sEach day will be unique and will always include ‘follow your heart’ time for you to explore on your own or rest. In fact, you’ll have one full day that’s all your own!

A Dream Come True
There is no other city like Paris. She will awaken your senses, your passions and your heart and touch your soul deeply. This heartfelt tour is for those who have always dreamed of visiting Paris or returning once again to experience this magical city moment by delicious moment!