Mindful Fitness

June Bloom Mindfulness Retreat

Breathe in Lavender, Breathe in the Moment

lavender“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry. Don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” Walter Hagen

We welcome summer with warmer weather and longer days which remind us to slow down and be present for the abundance of the season. Fields of gorgeous purple flowers amidst stunning countryside views are the backdrop for your day of mindfulness.

Keys Creek Lavender Farm – Photo by Michelle Yam

The Location
Visualize purple and indulge your senses as you spend the day at a peaceful, rustic and scenic lavender farm. Lisa Hampton of Mindful Fitness leads you on a retreat at one of the most beautiful farms in the county. Located about 50 miles north of San Diego in Valley Center, Keys Creek Lavender Farm is magical and charming and will leave you feeling as if you’ve stepped into a Provencal landscape. Click here to learn more about Keys Creek Lavender Farm.»

The Experience
Upon arrival, you’ll find yourself with like-minded friends seeking renewal and rejuvenation. After a friendly welcome and opening circle to set our intentions, we’ll practice yoga under the new grassy and shaded area overlooking gorgeous countryside views. Appropriate for all levels, classes emphasize the wisdom in honoring your strengths and limitations and to be grateful for all that your body can do. As we sit for meditation practice, the sweet scent of lavender and warm breezes will surely help our focus. Soon after, we’ll take a short tour of the lavender farm where you’ll learn about the varieties of lavender and the distillation process. Gathering on the porch of the charming store, we’ll sample several lavender oils (everyone has a favorite!). The Dreams and Intentions Playshop will follow and then you’ll have wandering time to enjoy a serene and lovely afternoon. Just before dinner, we’ll move mindfully through the labyrinth for a walking meditation. Click here to see photos and comments from past retreats.»

There are several beautiful areas around the farm to sit and ponder, journal, meditate or just be for your free time. There’s even a charming swing set back in a quiet area. You may also wish to take a refreshing dip in the saltwater pool! And don’t miss shopping in the delightful store surrounded by an abundance of lavender products. Water, tea and fruit will be available throughout your break.

The Dreams and Intentions Playshop
In this heart-centered offering by Mindful Fitness, you’ll have fun exploring your values and understanding the role they play in your dreams and goals. With limitless possibilities, you’ll set intentions to manifest what you want to bring in to your life and then perform a fun ritual releasing them out to the universe.

The Dinner Relax with a glass of wine or tea and a delicious dinner prepared by on-site gourmet chefs. A vegetarian Thai curry bowl is on the menu along with grilled chicken. A seasonal salad will also be served. Feast your eyes on fields of lavender and savor the moment as you watch the sunset over farm and countryside views. Click here to see photos and comments from past retreats.»

10 Benefits of Lavender
One of the most versatile oils in nature, lavender can be applied a number of different ways. It can be massaged onto the skin, placed in diffusers for inhalation, added to baths, added to vaporizers, mixed with water or other substances for spray purposes, and even used in cooking.

  • Soothes and relaxes mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Aids in healing for minor burns and scrapes
  • Promotes sound sleep
  • Relieves the pain of headaches
  • Eases muscle and joint pain
  • Reduces itching from insect bites
  • Disinfects surfaces such as yoga mats
  • Repels moths and scents linens
  • Balances the skin to reduce acne
  • Adds flavor to a variety of foods and drinks

Enjoying the abundance of lavender in bloom on a warm summer’s day, we are reminded of the gifts of nature and the healing and transformative powers they offer. Allow yourself to let go into the moment and reconnect with nature’s soothing energy.