Mindful Fitness

Personal Training

The Shortest Distance Between Where You Are and Where You Want To Be

Mindful Fitness personal training is a safe, easy, affordable and highly effective way for people of all ages and at all levels of ability to improve their health and fitness. And all Mindful Fitness personal training programs incorporate mind-body principles to enhance balance and focus while achieving individual fitness goals.

Certified personal trainer Lisa Hampton tailors training sessions to each individual, however, all personal training programs include the following:

  • initial assessment of current health and fitness
  • survey of personal health and fitness goals
  • nutrition education
  • cardiovascular training and strength training
  • exercises customized to help achieve client’s goals
  • on-going training guidance and motivation
  • progress reports

Each personal training session is one hour in length. Lisa devotes the initial meeting to assessing current health and fitness status, reviewing exercise and health history, and determining future goals. Subsequent sessions are devoted to a combination of strength, flexibility and balance training, as well as any sport-specific performance training.

Personal training is a perfect fit for all of the following fitness objectives:

  • to ensure correct form
  • to ensure correct use of equipment
  • to improve balance
  • to improve cardiovascular health
  • to improve coordination
  • to improve endurance
  • to improve flexibility
  • to improve posture
  • to improve strength
  • to motivate persistence toward goals
  • to overcome obstacles and plateaus
  • to reduce risk of injury
  • to speed progress toward goals

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer make it the best value in achieving personal fitness for all the following reasons.

Customization Personal trainers consider chronic health conditions and injuries to design safe and efficient exercise that targets specific goals.

Safety Personal trainers monitor form, equipment use and vital signs and provide educated feedback about strengths and limitations to prevent injury as well as to avoid stopping prematurely. Certified personal trainers also are qualified to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( CPR ) and / or first aid.

Efficiency Personal trainers have the education and experience to know what works best. They focus exercise plans to achieve maximum results in minimal time.

Convenience Personal trainers bring their expertise to their clients. For those who lack time, access to or interest in traveling to a gym, a personal trainer is the best alternative. Personal trainers can customize effective fitness routines for use in virtually any environment: indoors, outdoors, residence, or office.

Technique Personal trainers incorporate skills training into individual programs to address not only strength and endurance, but agility and mental focus, as well.

Re-ignition Personal trainers can jump start stalled progress by varying exercise routines, which motivates the body to burn fuel more efficiently and move past discouraging plateaus—periods of little noticeable advance toward goals.

Motivation Personal trainers provide program structure and an element of accountability, which, in turn, help to maintain personal motivation to work toward goals.

Rehabilitation Personal trainers design fitness programs to address muscle loss, joint stiffness, general weakness or imbalance due to surgery or injury to aid recovery, strength, and improved overall mobility.

Mindful Fitness founder Lisa G. Hampton provides all personal training. Lisa is an exercise physiologist, ACE ( American Council on Exercise ) certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and consultant of mind-body health and fitness, whose hands-on fitness experience spans 20 years.