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Mindful Fitness® integrates mind-body principles with traditional fitness programs to inspire and empower clients resulting in safer and more enjoyable experiences.

Optimize your health and fitness by increasing your mindfulness muscle. Guided by intuition and your body’s wisdom, learn how to create a more fit and peaceful you.

Discover your strengths and shift your focus on all that your body can do. The energy of mindfulness and gratitude are powerful tools for transformation.

Individual and group classes are available in the San Diego area.

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Yoga & Meditation

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced student, yoga helps you focus on your inner self for a more fit and peaceful you. Move slowly, breathe deeply, and honor your body’s strengths and limitations.

Meditation practice enhances mindful living. Taking time to pause, be still, and listen within is one of the most powerful health practices available.

Personal Training

Improve your health and fitness with a custom-designed program geared toward your fitness goals and ability. Mindful Fitness® personal training programs incorporate mind-body principles to increase effectiveness, focus and motivation.

Outdoor Fitness

Park Fitness: More than just a walk in the park! Pairing walking with interval strength training in scenic outdoor environments with a small group is both effective and fun.

Pure Strength: Boost your strength training program by connecting with nature and improving your well-being in this small group class. Say no to gyms!


Mindful Fitness® offers yoga retreats near and far that allow you to disconnect from the day-to-day and plug into yourself.

Yoga and mindfulness retreats in and around San Diego are one-day events that help you let go of your worries and to-dos so you can focus on your wellness.

Mindful Fitness® also offers week-long yoga and mindfulness retreats in Europe that offer daily yoga practices, excursions to nearby sights, plenty of delicious nurturing food while enjoying time on your own.

Porto and The Douro Valley

September 16-
23, 2023
September 24-
October 1, 2023

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Lisa Hampton / Founder

With my love of fitness and yoga, I created Mindful Fitness® in 1994 out of the belief that mindful principles of yoga would benefit traditional fitness programs. Since then, mind-body fitness popularity has only grown stronger! I’m also proud to have created one of the 1st outdoor exercise programs, Park Fitness in 1995, a combination walking and circuit training class at San Diego’s parks and beaches.

I enjoy helping my clients learn mindfulness skills to improve their fitness programs and make them feel better. Although I like to challenge them to do more than they think they can, it’s important that the experience is uplifting and empowering.

I am an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and consultant of mind-body health and fitness.

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