Mindful Fitness

Lisa G. Hampton, Founder

The Mind Behind Mindful Fitness

Lisa Hampton is a fitness pacesetter. In 1994, she was an insightful forerunner in her industry, incorporating the mindful concepts of yoga into traditional fitness programs. Since then, mind-body fitness popularity has grown only stronger and healthier. And Lisa now excels in her field as an ACE ( American Council on Exercise ) certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and consultant of mind-body health and fitness, exercise physiology and strength training.

With over two decades as the entrepreneurial owner of Mindful Fitness, Lisa has cultivated a loyal following of mind-body believers. Through the years, her clients have practiced Mindful Fitness principles and benefited from safer, more effective and more enriching fitness experiences. Clients frequently enter Mindful Fitness programs as an escape from the discouragement, stress and exhaustion that follow unsuccessful attempts to achieve solely external fitness goals. Lisa developed Mindful Fitness to be an enjoyable and energizing alternative to traditional fitness methods. Clients practicing mindful techniques describe their experiences as a liberating and uplifting journey toward feeling connected and whole on multiple levels—emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

In 2009, Lisa produced her first compact disc Path to Tranquility, a 60-minute audio recording of soothing voice instruction accompanied by classical guitar that leads listeners through a breathing exercise, a guided imagery practice, and a yoga session consisting of more than 20 positions chosen to improve lower-back health as well as to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Click here to learn more about Path to Tranquility.»

Lisa’s love of nature and finding joy in movement inspired her to begin offering mindful retreats at a local organic lavender farm where participants can practice mindful walking, yoga and meditation while reconnecting with our natural world. “We need the tonic of wilderness” wrote Thoreau. Click here to learn more about Mindful Fitness Retreats.»

Inspired Tours
The essence behind Lisa’s inspiration is held in awe-filled moments where all of the senses are engaged and we are present. A walk at sunset, nourishing oneself with delicious food, or discovering places of sublime beauty are ways to live in the moment. A natural planner, organizer and teacher, Lisa uses her skills and her passions to create tours for small groups in magical locations such as San Francisco and Paris.

Lisa’s qualifications are ideal for her position in her industry. She first firmed up her fitness foundation at San Diego State University. There, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with an emphasis in Athletic Training, graduating with summa cum laude honors in 1993. Today, this field of study is known as kinesiology. Click here to learn more.»

Two years later, San Diego State awarded Lisa a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology. Click here to learn more.» Lisa researched and documented in her master’s thesis the positive influences that yoga, meditation and walking have on human stress and immune system responses.

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