Mindful Fitness

Park Fitness Pure Strength

Small Groups Strengthen Motivation

Mindful Fitness developed Park Fitness Pure Strength specifically for people who appreciate the importance of strength training but who find it difficult to maintain motivation to work out in isolation at indoor fitness facilities. Park Fitness Pure Strength is an appealing alternative: small groups of health-minded people, performing effective strength-training exercises, in scenic outdoor settings.

The basic goal of strength training is to manipulate the number of repetitions and sets, the force, and the tempo of exercises on specific muscle groups in order to increase endurance, size or strength. Strength training requires proper posture and movement in order to effectively work appropriate muscle groups without using momentum. As a certified personal trainer, Lisa Hampton leads the Park Fitness Pure Strength classes and monitors and provides guidance to class members through every exercise, helping to ensure safety and reduce the risk of injury.

An important component in overall health, strength training offers many necessary benefits:

  • increases bone density and reduces risk of osteoporosis
  • increases muscle mass and helps the body burn calories more efficiently to control weight
  • builds protective muscle around joints to reduce risk of injury and improve balance and flexibility
  • builds stamina and reduces fatigue
  • improves sense of well-being, self-confidence and body image to reduce risk of depression
  • reduces likelihood of insomnia
  • reduces the signs and symptoms of chronic conditions, including arthritis, back pain and diabetes


And, as with all Mindful Fitness programs, Park Fitness Pure Strength capitalizes upon the principles of mindfulness and provides these additional rewards:

  • calm mind
  • friendship
  • fun
  • maintained motivation
  • variety