Mindful Fitness

Park Fitness

Much More Than Just a Walk in the Park

Park Fitness is the ingenious pairing of fitness walking and interval strength training, performed by a group in San Diego scenic outdoor environments. It’s fun. It’s friendly. It’s fast-paced. And it keeps participants mindfully focused. People who may have found it difficult to maintain motivation to use indoor fitness facilities embrace Park Fitness as both invigorating change of pace and revitalizing change of place.

One of the most natural forms of exercise, walking is an especially gentle, low-impact way to begin any new fitness routine. Walking is simple, doesn’t require practice, and provides all of the following health benefits:

Park Fitness La Jolla 2015

  • reduces risk of heart disease
  • improves lipid profile
  • reduces hypertension
  • reduces risk of or helps manage type 2 diabetes
  • controls weight
  • improves bone density
  • reduces the risk of some cancers
  • strengthens memory
  • increases endorphin levels and improves mood
  • increases and maintains improved energy levels
  • releases stress
  • boosts immune function
  • allows you to stop and smell the roses!

Interval training is an effective athletic conditioning method that counter-balances periods of one type of exercise with periods of a complementary type of exercise. In the case of Park Fitness, periods of strength training interrupt fitness walking at a succession of stations along a route prepared by a certified personal trainer.

Park Fitness is ideal cross training because it effectively engages all the muscle groups and builds cardiovascular endurance. It can correct muscle imbalance resulting from daily routines that involve repetitive or limited movement or long durations in uncomfortable positions required by activities such as driving or computer keyboard tasks.

But Park Fitness is much more than just walking and strength training. Mindfulness plays an essential role in this innovative program. The sights and sounds abundant in San Diego’s natural outdoor settings awaken all the senses and help participants become more aware of and able to stay in the present moment.